Good Morning Palm beach gardens!


It is time for a cup of starbucks blonde java made in my pink coffee pot.  The fancy expensive Delonge coffee pot has stopped working of course so the little spare pot of course works fantastic and its pink so hey its a good day.  I am looking into the beautiful sunrise on my patio what a gorgeous day the lord has made. I try very hard to remember to say this everyday and to always be grateful always.  I love to get up have java and watch Joel Osteen on tv every sunday.  He has truly changed my life.  Which I will get into later on.  I did go see him in Fort Lauderdale earlier in february so fun and inspirational.  I love anything happy!!

So,  yesterday when I started this blog, I am so new to this process it actually is insane.  so, bear with me during this.   What I did not mention is that I recently had surgery last monday.  So, during my recovery I told myself that I would learn how to blog and hopefully help some people out and meet new friends along the way.    I will start a new blog in a bit about my surgery and to share.

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!  Make it a bright one~