Wednesday Wines Day

So, here I am Wines day.  What a nice day so far.  Had a fabulous friend pick me up and take me to get my nails done.  #NailsFever ……..This is a task, as I am am self-proclaimed high maintenance diva., I do this several times a month.   But today, after surgery a week ago and not being able to go in before surgery was especially nice.  I feel so much better.  My friend also picked up lunch and dinner for tonite!  How lucky was I now, in bed trying to give my body a rest from those compression garments!  I am forever grateful to have had my procedure done and most of all HEALTHY without complications!!!  Now after being off pain killers I can enjoy Wines day later on after 5!  WOOP WOOP!  Pinot Grigio I will see you soon!  Right after I wrestle myself back into the compression garment!

So I am reading the daily blogging activities I am doing through #blogging101.  I am on hold with a service provider for a while now so I figured hey why not try and blog right?  I must try and do the assignment of finding new blogging friends and reading their blogs, so far I have read two that i now follow and are so enjoyable to learn about others what they are into or not into and how everyone just wants to be heard in some kind of  individual way. #everyonehasaplanet #maybeyourfrommine  #learning #blogging101, Thanks #wordpress!!!! Soon I must figure out how to bring my website over to host on, maintain it and work these programs…Questions to come soon PEEPS!   UHO  Ok, so now the service provider is answering gotta fly!

Happy Hump Day PEEPS!

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