Blogging 101 Wine’s Day

Good morning on this wine day wednesday as they say on the Kathie Lee and Hoda’s today show!!  They are so fun to watch, it’s nice to watch something that is a bit news generated without the doom and gloom.

As I mentioned the other day, I am new to blogging virgin new.  I wanted to start so I can talk to others about topics we all are interested in and lots of people ask me for referrals and advice.  Sometimes I am not sure why, but it sure makes me feel wanted.  I like to share my personal stories and I like to read about others and their experiences in life.

Also while I am recovering from surgery its a great chance to learn something new vs. thinking about the pain.  Which I am happy to say is definately improving fast!  WOO HOO.

During the next year I hope to have a successful and happy healthy life, business, and  blog talking about hot topics that are random and range from such as Hot Real Estate areas to live, new properties to view, investment opportunities,  Fashion, celebs, new hair loss solutions and other fun and hot things to sell share and develop.  Yes I know I am all over the board.  Somehow it all comes together.

Thanks to Michelle W. and the Team for letting me join blogging 101 to learn this fun new world that I can revolve my planet around.

Have a Bright Day


#blogging101 #dayone #littlelate #thankyou #greatful

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