Yes this is really me……and my Pink car that I miss so very much.  I donated it last year to a wonderful organization #PLACEOFHOPE.   My little project car had become like any hobby either put more time and effort into it or quit.  So, I did the right thing.  But I sure do miss her.   Today is day #4 on my #101Blogging and I am happy to say that I am still going strong.  I have made a few blogger acquaintances and learned a bit about this process.   Our assignment today is to write to the audience I want to attract.  So, in thinking about this I am a bit perplexed.  What am I doing on here? What do I want? What do I like?  Who do I want to help?  Who do I want to attract and why?   These are the questions I must ask my self and repost in my next blog spot today.

As for now I must go figure out how to move and host my website on this #wordpress.

Wish me luck!  Have a Bright day!


Wednesday Wines Day

So, here I am Wines day.  What a nice day so far.  Had a fabulous friend pick me up and take me to get my nails done.  #NailsFever ……..This is a task, as I am am self-proclaimed high maintenance diva., I do this several times a month.   But today, after surgery a week ago and not being able to go in before surgery was especially nice.  I feel so much better.  My friend also picked up lunch and dinner for tonite!  How lucky was I now, in bed trying to give my body a rest from those compression garments!  I am forever grateful to have had my procedure done and most of all HEALTHY without complications!!!  Now after being off pain killers I can enjoy Wines day later on after 5!  WOOP WOOP!  Pinot Grigio I will see you soon!  Right after I wrestle myself back into the compression garment!

So I am reading the daily blogging activities I am doing through #blogging101.  I am on hold with a service provider for a while now so I figured hey why not try and blog right?  I must try and do the assignment of finding new blogging friends and reading their blogs, so far I have read two that i now follow and are so enjoyable to learn about others what they are into or not into and how everyone just wants to be heard in some kind of  individual way. #everyonehasaplanet #maybeyourfrommine  #learning #blogging101, Thanks #wordpress!!!! Soon I must figure out how to bring my website over to host on, maintain it and work these programs…Questions to come soon PEEPS!   UHO  Ok, so now the service provider is answering gotta fly!

Happy Hump Day PEEPS!

Blogging 101 Wine’s Day

Good morning on this wine day wednesday as they say on the Kathie Lee and Hoda’s today show!!  They are so fun to watch, it’s nice to watch something that is a bit news generated without the doom and gloom.

As I mentioned the other day, I am new to blogging virgin new.  I wanted to start so I can talk to others about topics we all are interested in and lots of people ask me for referrals and advice.  Sometimes I am not sure why, but it sure makes me feel wanted.  I like to share my personal stories and I like to read about others and their experiences in life.

Also while I am recovering from surgery its a great chance to learn something new vs. thinking about the pain.  Which I am happy to say is definately improving fast!  WOO HOO.

During the next year I hope to have a successful and happy healthy life, business, and  blog talking about hot topics that are random and range from such as Hot Real Estate areas to live, new properties to view, investment opportunities,  Fashion, celebs, new hair loss solutions and other fun and hot things to sell share and develop.  Yes I know I am all over the board.  Somehow it all comes together.

Thanks to Michelle W. and the Team for letting me join blogging 101 to learn this fun new world that I can revolve my planet around.

Have a Bright Day


#blogging101 #dayone #littlelate #thankyou #greatful

Surgery, what you can’t grow you can buy especially in South Florida.

Bringing up the surgery stuff earlier this am is another reason why I wanted to start blogging as I have had lots and lots of women and some men ask me for referrals because of how much I have had to do.  So here we go.

A bit about me, I over the past seven years have had numerous surgeries.  Starting out with a Breast Augumentation in 2007.  Which was totally elective and my second one in my lifetime. As the mammogram nurse always says to me I was made for Breast Aug. I am pretty sure this is a backhanded compliment but I will take any compliments why not right?   Naturally I am completely flat chested.  In my eyes, this is why God made Plastic surgeons.  Anyway,  I decided after the first one that was ten years old, it was time to replace and go a bit larger.  Not crazy, just a bit.  Both first two times were saline as I was unsure of the effects of the new silicone that just came out about 2007.  I went to Dr. David Lickstein in Palm Beach Gardens, he’s awesome!

Well since then I had a total hysterectomy in 2009 due to endometriosis.  Long story short pain was unbearable and on New Years Eve I had the total hysterectomy. With Dr. Daniel MacCurdy.  He was excellent and I am so happy with the work he did on me.

I do have a daughter, I love her so much, Caley.  I gave birth to her in 1991. A c-section.  The hysterectomy was a lot like that if anyone is wondering, recovery time was about 3-4 months.  The most difficult I would say was getting my hormones straight.  Which Thanks to Dr. Jay Trabin of West Palm Beach, I am great now.  We can discuss more hysterectomy stuff later on.

Moving on I then had horrific chest pains in 2010.  So here we go, took heart tests, they took a picture of my heart with a specialist, had to go for a heart cath to see where the blockage was. They day before I was such a mess I had a full blown panic attack then ended up in the ER over night before my procedure!  If anyone has had these they are real and no joke.  This for me was one week before my 43rd birthday.  YEAH right?  Well the good news was I had no heart issues, I was overworked and I failed my heart tests and the photo they took because my implant was in the way and it looked like a major blockage.  Kinda funny though.  Heres the funniest part.  I am on the table they are prepping me for the heart cath, and the Doctor thinks I am in the twilight sleep already.  They have my body covered except for my groin area and the Dr. says to the nurse, which is a man, you don’t see one of those in here everyday do you?  Im like um, to the female nurse on the other side of me, can they give me something to relax or put me out?  The Dr. freaks out in a professional way and yells at the female nurse why is the patient not under yet?  I cannot make this up. I took it as a compliment and figured after seeing all the other heart patients in the hospital I was about 40 years younger and lighter so as long as my heart was healthy I was fine I will take any compliment as I said earlier.   LOL  So, I was ordered to not work so much, I was working like 6-7 days a week in my hair salon it was a bit nuts.  Plus my hormone levels were all over the board.   Since I am good good good and #greatful!!

Yes, I am getting to my current surgery I swear.  So, in 2013, I had another stressful work environment doing hair.  My stomach started to pooch out and it looked awfully weird.  I had a client who came to see me whom recently had her butt enhanced and Liposuction in her stomach.  SHE LOOKED AMAZING!  Well, she also was a lot younger than I but I thought some day I will look that good.  After my hysterectomy my body went into what they call Surgical Menopause, thus this is why I needed my hormones balanced. FYI if anyone is going through this a great resource is called Hystersisters.  They have 1000’s of women sharing their stories and it really helps you feel not so alone.

In the meantime my nice big perky butt decided to go flat on me and my middle got thicker.  Never even at my highest weight did I have a flat ass and a spare tire.   So, because of the pooch, and my husband saying to me what the hell are you eating, I was on the phone to my regular doctors and then plastic surgeons to find out what the heck it was.  Come to find out I had now a umbilical hernia.  They think it was from my hysterectomy or from giving birth. Not from food.   Great.  Remembering my client with the tiny waist and big full derriere I called three doctors for consultations, and decided to go with  Dr. Constanino Mendieta in Miami, Florida.  The one my client went to.  I liked all the doctors I had spoken with but Dr. M I felt most comfortable with, and he was willing to remove fat and replace it in my butt where it had gone south at the same time.  So August 2013 I was fixed.  Dr. M and his staff could not have been nicer and more efficient.  I was so happy with my results.  My tummy still had a weird bump but he assured me to leave it heal and if we needed we would go and fix it if needed.  Which is where I am now.

When having surgery I always tell people have at least 3 or possibly 4 opinions before deciding.  Having a good relationship with your Dr. is so so very important.  Believing in them and they having the ability to speak with you so you can understand is so important.  That and having a healthy mindset of how wonderfully healthy you will be not to mention how incredible you will look.

Leading up to my current situation, During the spring of 2014 my husband and I go to the Sawgrass Mills mall outlet store.  Fun outside shopping great place to walk around and eat.  On the way out I step on a rock, SOBER by the way, fall have another rock lodge itself inside my leg under my right knee.  Again, I can not make up this stuff. I go home, pull the rock out that is about as big as a 2 carat diamond, and then quickly have a shot or two of tequila.  Which is not usually my drink of choice.  Next day, can’t walk on crutches antibiotics blah blah blah.  Finally I am healed.  Three months go by and I have a puss ball form in my knee and need surgery.  AGAIN.  Ok so no big deal I am good with this stuff I think to myself.  Well, two weeks before my surgery date, I am getting a spray tan and the girl says to me.  “your breast is smaller than the other breast, did you know this?”  Im like what?   I look in the mirror it did look a bit off but I figured aww its nothing how could that be?  Well here we go two days later I have a deflated breast and am one breasted.   What the heck?  Get on the phone call Dr. Lickstein’s office, they were not sure when they could get me in for surgery.    I call another Dr. in town.  whom is excellent I just never ended up with him. It’s kinda funny, I have gone to consults with my friends and met him several times.  Very good surgeon and nice man.  Sometimes I think he looks at me like who are you?, but thanks for the referrals.  I do send a lot of girls to him.  His work is also fabulous.  Dr. Greg Delange.  They too were booked solid. I made a consult appointment with him just incase.  I did not want to walk around any longer with one breast.  Who ever could take me first was who I was going with.

Turns out Dr. Lickstein got me in the week after my knee surgery.  My knee surgeon and Dr. Lickstein gave me clearance after my blood work, EKG’S and chest X-rays came back positive to have the surgeries so close together.   I ended up giving my appointment spot for Dr. Delange to my very best friend whom also needed fixing up.  So, it all worked out.  And by the grace of god my breasts were covered under warranty.  You can’t even get a car warranty for over 5 years!   So again I decided to go a bit bigger and I went with silicone this time due to the fact that they are new and improved.

When doing silicone remember (in my opinion, I am not a doctor.) they are heavier than the saline, and you can always go bigger the next time.  Better to be comfortable than not.  So when I did decide to go bigger Dr. Lickstein told me, if you want to go bigger it is your decision if it makes you happy then live your life.  I gave him a picture and omg they look EXACTLY like the pic I wanted.  Amazing and healthy can’t ask for more than that.

Ok so FINALLY getting to my current recovery.   Since my hernia repair and tummy tuck  in 2013.  I had a little bump which we thought would go away.  Never did.  In fact, It got bigger and when I did go back to the gym with a licensed trainer, it started to swell and hurt!  So bad that I wore my waist band I had from my prior surgery.   So off I go back to  Dr. M.  I showed him the area he pressed on it and I about went through the roof with pain.   He was not happy with this.  So we decided to go back in find out what was wrong.  I had a MRI in June because of pain but nothing was showing up.   As I mentioned in my post this am., I love to watch Joel Osteen.  His inspirational messages make me feel so wonderful I can’t explain it.   We scheduled the surgery for the 23rd of February.   I had tickets to see Joel Osteen for the Night of Hope on February the 6th 2015.  What a wonderful venue. So many people happy to be there, to pray and be blessed and to learn each day is a gift we are here for a reason and different seasons.

I do pray often and believe in the higher spirit (God and Jesus) and the Universe. I also respect other religions and love to learn more about them.

I prayed everyday sometimes 2x or more……I am anointed, I am healthy, I am a child of the most high god.  Every day until my surgery date.  Do you know, Dr. M went in could not find one thing wrong with me and said it was like I was never even in there to fix you before.  Interesting huh?  Thank you Jesus!!  Thank you Sparkley Jesus!  (This is a fun story for another time.)   My pain was gone and there was nothing to fix.   So, he liposuctioned my stomach like crazy, and here we are.  I am bruised and blessed, grateful and beyond grateful.

ASK, BELIEVE, AND RECEIVE.  I have never expressed my surgeries like this before. If anyone has a question feel free to contact me.   Thanks for reading my new blog I hope to get better with it each day.

Have a bright day!


Good Morning Palm beach gardens!


It is time for a cup of starbucks blonde java made in my pink coffee pot.  The fancy expensive Delonge coffee pot has stopped working of course so the little spare pot of course works fantastic and its pink so hey its a good day.  I am looking into the beautiful sunrise on my patio what a gorgeous day the lord has made. I try very hard to remember to say this everyday and to always be grateful always.  I love to get up have java and watch Joel Osteen on tv every sunday.  He has truly changed my life.  Which I will get into later on.  I did go see him in Fort Lauderdale earlier in february so fun and inspirational.  I love anything happy!!

So,  yesterday when I started this blog, I am so new to this process it actually is insane.  so, bear with me during this.   What I did not mention is that I recently had surgery last monday.  So, during my recovery I told myself that I would learn how to blog and hopefully help some people out and meet new friends along the way.    I will start a new blog in a bit about my surgery and to share.

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!  Make it a bright one~