I am happy to announce I finally am making this blog.  For years I have been in Florida, and being in the Beauty Industry and now Real Estate, I have met thousands of people.   I always am getting asked  random questions such as the following:

1.  Where is a great area to live?

2.  Who is the best at botox?

3.  How can I get a mortgage?

4. Who is the best plastic surgeon for different types of procedures?

5. Where can I buy a car without going through the hassle?

6.  Whos a great general doctor?

7.  What is the best Insurance company to go with for home, health, disability, life?

8.  What is the best Sushi restaurant in town?

9.  What are the hottest trends for fashion hair and the like?

10.  What is the best restaurant in Palm Beach for dinner?

The list goes on and on including grocery stores, pet sitters, groomers, you get the idea.

I know what your thinking!!!!!  What the heck?  These are so random?  I am so pleased people ask me for such advice and trust in my replies.  It wasn’t until recently my BFF had a friend who comes down during season and needed some advice.   She asked me and in 10 different topics I named at least 20 referrals.  Her friend said “how does she know all this?”  I checked and all referrals were right up to par!  She’s amazing!”   As this made me feel terrific in helping I realized, I should help more people with even more questions!!!!

I am 47 years old (young) LOL…. and am ready to share the with our locals and everyone abroad the information I have experienced.  Feel fee to visit me on the journey and ask any question you may have.  I am new at the Blog thing so bear with me but I will do my best to find out what you need is.  I love it!

Happy Saturday !

Have the brightest day ever!

Wendy Bright